Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BOOhoo ;(

I am quite disappointed in my grade for Essay one.. :( I worked really hard on it, but it seems I didn't follow directions. I have never received lower than a B before on a writing assignment. I thnk I have learned my lesson never do write an assignment when your not sure how to write it.Make SURE that YOU understand it. Anwyays, getting a bad grade on this paper has quite the opposite effect on me, I don't want to study anymore :(. I have 2 midterms next week and probably a paper due too.. I can't wait to be done with school and do something fun. All I do usually is go to class, eat, study, watch tv, go to sleep and repeat. I havent done anything fun these past months except go to a couple movies : Obssessed, Up, Lay To Rest, Labor Pains, Proposal, Halloween 2, Orphan, The Perfect Getaway, Drag me to Hell, Terminatior Salvation, and The Rise of the Fallen: Transformers. That is pretty much it. :>(.

Well...anyways I am excited for this weekend because I am going to Sedona For my birthday!
Alteast, that should be fun. I am really afraid to come back from the trip though, because I have midterms. Latley, I feel stressed and it I have to really motivate myself to really study. I feel like life is too short and before you know it it's time to go to grad school. I still have study for LSAT which reminds me...Ughhh ;(. I am still working on finding a job. How are you suppose to get a job if they don't want you unless you have experience; and how am I suppose to get experience If Ican't get a job...it's so hypocritical. If you guys know how I can snag a job, PLEASE, please.. let me know!!!

Today, seemed to go by really fast, I want to have a lot of fun right now before it's too late. I feel like it's going to get a lot harder and a lot bussier later (in Law school). I went to my psychology law class, did some homework, went to class again...got a bad grade...now I don't want to study and am really sad :(. Well, I can't just be sad, I guess I'll go to office hours. On the good note, she said you can still get an A in English...so I have a fighting chance! yay! :)

She was being fair, and I got what I put into it.. it's a good paper ( I think), but it's not what the writting assignment was about. I really messed up :(. Stupid me :(:(:(.
Anyways, I should go eat some cookies or cake to cheer myself up. It's just one bad grade it's okay I'll get it right next time...(hopefully). Well, I should do a lot better in my other classes too so I should suck it up and work my butt off. Then I can have fun on thanksgiving/winter break. It kind of reminds me of the good old days in middle school. Grades were quarterly, so if you did bad you can start fresh the next quarter. Although, nevermind middle school was hell! Those kids were mean. Girl were obsessed with their looks and carried a bunch of make up in their backpack. Catch you later... :). I hope everyone else had a better day then I did.

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